He is looking down on EVERYONE - that means YOU!

He wants YOU and everyone else in the world to go to HEAVEN, NOT HELL.

We are ALL sinners in GOD's eyes, ever since Adam & Eve.

We need saving from our inherited sin.

Jesus Christ is our saviour!

All you have to do is believe He is the SON OF GOD and that HE died for our sins on the cross.

Believe in your heart & confess OUT LOUD your sinfulness to Him.

Ask Him to forgive you and He will listen to you.

You will be saved from EVERLASTING torment!

The Devil, (Satan/Lucifer) & his demons will have no more power over you!

You will be a son of GOD, higher than the angels!

Say this prayer to ask GOD the Father to forgive your sins in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

"Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

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